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Anton's Landing





2522 S County Line Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Introducing a homestead unearthed by the weathered hands of an “Oklahoma Country” pioneer. Forged with the ingenuity and gritty perseverance of the cunning entrepreneur, Matthew Anton “Mike” Swatek, this land was cultivated after he staked his claim in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. This acreage became a westward haven for the immigrant risk-taker and his family. 

A brick mason by trade and a builder by nature, Matthew Anton Swatek’s legacy is woven into the very fabric of Oklahoma. Without a formal education, Mr. Swatek eventually launched a highly successful statewide construction company and went on to build many roads, bridges, and buildings which are still in existence today. He was essential in the development of the 89ers association, served as a board member in many community organizations, and was known to always have his large family in tow. 

Although he made his mark across the state, the real legacy of Matthew Anton Swatek lives on right here. Unafraid of hard work, he innately embodied the Oklahoma Spirit with a sun up to sun down mentality. He engineered an uncanny waterway system that even reversed the direction of the natural water flow to create an additional pond on the property. He filled the pond with crappie for the kids, and created a rabbit island which remains intact to this day. The land produced milk, eggs, chickens, fish, fruit and vegetables to sustain the five families who worked this homestead.

Welcome to Anton’s Landing. A place for the doers, dreamers, builders, makers, pioneers, risk-takers, bet-the-farm and make it happen root-planters.

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